I Received An Invite From Payable, Now What?

It's tax season - yay!  

If you received an invite from Payable and earned more than $600 in 2018 through the Wonolo app, keep on reading. 

You received an email with the subject and from the sender below, now what?

Email Subject: Wonolo Inc. invited you to complete your tax forms in Payable

Email Sender: notifications@payable.com

Accepting the Invite

For Wonolo to send and for you to receive your 1099 forms, we need to make sure that your information is updated. 

1. When you open the email invite, click on 'Accept'

2. It will take you to the Payable website, click on 'Accept Invite' 

3. Fill in the details. Remember: use the email address that is associated with your Wonolo account to sign up 

4. When you've signed up, you will see the page below, hit your initials on the upper right corner then 'My Account'


5. Click on 'General' and you can input all your details, please make sure this part is updated


Once you've updated your details, you will be sent a notification that your 1099 forms are ready on January 31st. 

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