How do I Change the Address on my 2018 W-2 Form?

There are two W-2 delivery options available once you've registered with 

1) Paperless: Your W-2 will be delivered to the email address used to create the W-2Copy account.

2) By mail: via U.S. Postal Service to the address provided on the Wonolo app. 

If you opt for USPS and do not receive your W-2 due to an address change or error, please contact Support at W2Copy or call 1-800-668-9946 after February 1st to receive a copy of your W-2.

Unfortunately, the deadline to change your W-2 mailing address via the Wonolo App has passed, so you will receive your W-2 at the address listed on your paystub.

Please contact the Wonolo Support Team with any additional questions.



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