A Wonoloer Was Injured on Our Job Site.

If a Wonoloer gets injured while using the Wonolo app on your job site, the following will assist you  

If they have not already sought medical attention, they can take the following steps to receive treatment

Upon Injury:

They should head to the closest medical facility immediately.

Let the medical facility know they are an Independent Contractor and have Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI)

Provide the medical facility with the contact information and policy number for One Beacon, our OAI provider:


Policy # 216-002-175

A One Beacon representative will verify coverage and assist the Wonoloer with making a claim.

What Does the Business do?

Please contact Wonolo to inform us of any injury that occurs. We will gather details related to the injury, then share this with One Beacon. A claims adjustor will be assigned and may be in touch if they need information about the Wonoloer's injury.

This is not a Workers Compensation claim, so your insurance will not be involved.

If you have any additional questions check our Help Center or reach out to our Support Team.

We're always happy to assist!



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