How Do I Earn a Customer-Specific Badge?

Are you looking to earn a badge for Get Around, Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill or another Requestor? In this article, we'll share how to earn those badges.

These badges are attainable in two (2) ways and you can distinguish one from the other by reading the Job Description. Here are the ways you can earn customer-specific badges:

1. On the app with links and quizzes - if you scroll to the bottom of a job and click "Accept", you will see a pop-up telling you that you need a badge. This pop-up usually comes with a button that will take you to a link or quiz. You will then get your badge after successfully completing the quiz!

2. Attending an in-person orientation - you'll know that a particular job requires in-person orientations by reading the Job Description. For badges that require in-person orientations, you will need to look at the map view for jobs from the same customer. Some jobs are orientation slots, while others are shifts. If there are no orientation slots available, it just means the customer hasn't scheduled ones yet. Keep an eye out for the orientation slots to earn a badge!




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