Community Rewards & Benefit Programs


There are so many reasons to love working in the gig economy, especially when the companies you choose to partner with provide you with access to awesome resources, offers and community programs.

Discover the benefits you enjoy as a member of the Wonoloer community below:

  • Collect Wonoloer Badges

Earn our achievement badges and be an expert in our job categories. You’ll also enjoy extra earnings and kick backs. Find out more about Wonolo badges here


  • Become a Wonoloer Ambassador

Our Ambassador Program is designed to recognize and reward Wonoloer who go above and beyond in the Community. Find out if you are eligible here.

  • Access health care with Stride Health

Wonolo is proud to have a partnership with Stride Health to provide Wonoloers access to affordable healthcare. We make it easier for you to benefit from health insurance plans provided under the  Affordable Care Act. Sign up here.

  • Enjoy custom Wonolo items

Visit the Wonolo Community Store for all branded items. You’ll get a FREE Wonolo Signature T-shirt when you earn your first Silver Badge.

  • Get 3 Months Free of Everlance Premium

Everlance is a business tracking app that is especially useful for tracking mileage when you use your car for work. We’ve partnered with Everlance to create a special offer for the Wonoloer Community: a 3-month subscription to Everlance Premium for FREE. Sign up here

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