The Wonolo Ambassador Program


What is the Wonolo Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador program recognizes Wonoloers who display the Wonolo 5Ps and demonstrate a commitment to our Community. 

Recently, we've updated the requirements for becoming a Wonolo Ambassador based on feedback provided by the Wonolo Community. This new and improved Wonolo Ambassador Program will be in effect from 1 August 2018 and includes lots of extra perks and benefits. 

How to Become a Wonolo Ambassador:

On the 1st day of each calendar month, Wonolo Ambassadors who meet the requirements are badged with their custom Ambassador Badge. There are requirements to earn the Ambassador Badge as well as requirements to maintain the badge. 


Benefits Wonolo Ambassadors Enjoy:

We want to reward and celebrate the extra effort our Wonolo Ambassadors put in. When you have an active Ambassador badge, you will enjoy all Ambassador benefits including additional earnings, priority support, and job perks. Below are all of the Wonolo Ambassador benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

I meet the minimum requirements, when will I get my Ambassador badge? 

If you meet the Wonolo Ambassador minimum requirements, on the 1st  day of each calendar month you will receive an email that confirms your status as a Wonolo Ambassador. You will then be granted access to enjoy all included perks and benefits! To keep your Wonolo Ambassador badge each month after this, you will need to complete at least one job in that month and maintain a rating of 4.90 or higher.

What happens if I received my Ambassador badge, but don't meet the minimum monthly requirements in the next calendar month? 

In order to remain a Wonolo Ambassador, you will need to meet the requirements of completing at least one job in that month and maintain a rating of 4.90 or higher. This means if your rating drops or you don’t complete a Wonolo job for a while, your Ambassador badge will disappear until you re-earn it again. To re-earn it, you will need to complete at least one job in a calendar month and achieve the minimum rating for 4.90+. 

What is it like to be Wonolo Ambassador?

Ah, awesome of course! Read more about what it means to be a part of this program here

I was previously a Wonolo Ambassador, but I don't meet the new requirements. What happens now? 

As part of improving our Ambassador program, we updated the benefits and perks as well as the minimum requirements. If you meet the above requirements, your Ambassador Badge will remain on your profile. If you don't meet the above requirements you will have until August 31st, 2018 to work towards them. After this date, unless you meet the requirements, the Ambassador Badge will no longer be visible on your profile. Once you meet these new requirements, you will regain access to the Ambassador Badge and enjoy all the benefits! 

When will I start earning the extra 5% bonus?
Your Ambassador bonus earnings will be paid out for jobs that you ‘Accept’ after your badge is awarded. This means that any jobs that have been ‘Accepted’ before you received the badge will not have the bonus applied. To ensure you receive you extra earnings, just maintain your Ambassador Badge by completing at least one job per calendar month and keeping your rating at 4.90 or higher.

I received the Badge on the 1st of the month, will I earn the extra 5% bonus for jobs completed before this date? 

The benefits and perks you will enjoy as an Ambassador are valid in each month you have an active Ambassador Badge. Unfortunately this means any jobs completed before August 1st 2018, or any other month where you don't have an active badge, will not be eligible for this benefit.  

Have a different question about this program? 

We're here to help! You can reach out to our Support Team. 


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