How Do I Get my 2018 1099 MISC Form?

We have partnered with Payable to deliver and process your 1099 MISC tax forms for 2018.  
Per IRS regulations, for the 2018 tax year, you will only receive a 1099-MISC if you made over $600 in earnings through the Wonolo platform. 
If you have not received an email invitation to sign up for Payable, by January 31st, 2019, please check your spam/junk folder. The information in the invitation email will enable you to confirm and update your tax information if necessary. Please contact Payable Support for additional assistance.
If you've earned less than $600 and would like a copy of your 1099 MISC form, or if you'd like another copy of your form emailed to you, please contact the Wonolo Support Team and make sure to include your full name and the email address you use for your Wonolo account.
Check out this link for further information about your Wonolo 1099 MISC Form
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