Can I hire a Wonoloer part time or full time?

Yes Wonoloers can be hired.

Section 3.3 Direct Hire Fee.  In the event a customer desires to hire engage a Wonoloer directly, the customer will notify Wonolo and subsequently be billed six hundred dollars ($600) fo direct hiring or engagement a Wonoloer outside of our platform. A direct hire fee shall be charged regardless of whether the customer notifies Wonolo of such direct hiring or engagement of the Wonoloer.

  • Any Wonoloer who worked for Requestor will be considered a direct hire for 1 year since last job on Wonolo with the Requestor
  • Still applicable if the Wonoloer applies directly through website or craigslist ad, etc. 
  • Applies to the entire company, anyone from your company that hires someone will be charged $600.
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