What is Frontline Work?

Frontline Work is a partner of Wonolo, as an independent contractor of Wonolo you are eligible to become a W2 Frontline Work employee. To become a Frontline Work employee, you must complete Frontline Work's Onboarding. By doing so, this will allow you to accept W2 jobs via the Wonolo platform. 

The way you access W2 jobs will not change via the app,
The jobs in the app, the notifications, and the job details will all appear in the app the same way as Wonolo's 1099 classified jobs,
The only thing different is that you must complete Frontline Work's additional onboarding in order to accept these jobs in the Wonolo app. 

Frontline is the service; that enables W2 positions to be listed and accepted on the Wonolo platform. You can read more about Frontline Work here.

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