What is a Background Check?


We take the trust and safety of our community very seriously. Therefore, if a Wonoloer accepts a job that requires a background check (BGC), then we will run a BGC. This is often a one-time check.  But, if you accept a job with different BGC criteria, we might run a BGC on those criteria if permitted by law. 

In all cases, the scope of the BGC depends on criteria selected by the customer for the BGC. Many BGCs will review whether you have been convicted of any felonies or certain misdemeanors in the past 7 years, or are on any US watchlists, though, again, the actual criteria will depend on the job.

BGCs are performed by Evident ID and typically take 24 hours or less to complete.  Sometimes they take longer. Because different jobs sometimes have different BGC criteria, we will pause your ability to accept new jobs while a BGC is already in progress.  This pause should generally only last about 24 hours. If your BGC does not clear or is still under review within 12 hours before the job start time, you'll be cancelled out of the accepted job.  This does not mean that you can’t later work that same job at a different time, just that you cannot meet the requirements for the job you’ve selected.

When your BGC is complete, you'll be notified via text and email.

What information is needed to run a Background Check?

You must provide Evident with the following information via the Wonolo app: 

  •   Full Name
  •   Date of Birth
  •   Social Security Number 
  •   Additionally, you will need to review and agree to four disclosures:
    •   A summary of your rights under the fair credit reporting act
    •   Disclosure regarding Background Check Investigation
    •   Acknowledgment and Authorization for Background Check
    •   State Notice Addendum

How can I check the status of my Background Check?

Please email support@evidentid.com

Anything else I should know?

Yes - we encourage all interested Wonoloers to use the App regardless of their background history. If, after you conditionally accept a job, a background check reveals potential issues, you will be given an opportunity to respond and present more information as well as dispute the accuracy or completeness of the results, before any final decisions are made.



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