How Do I Earn an Achievement Badge?

Badges are awarded to Wonoloers upon achievement of a certain number of jobs with high ratings. Our badging program helps Wonoloers document their growing skills and progress towards their professional goals.  Additionally, Wonoloers can earn three levels of badges in each of the six job categories.

Listed below are the six categories in which a badge can be earned and the requirements to earn each type of badge.

1) Fulfillment & Warehousing

2) Delivery

3) Administrative

4) Events

5) Merchandising

6) Brand Representative

*Brand Rep includes Customer Service, Sales, Brand Ambassador, or Marketing jobs. 

The Requirements!

  • Bronze: 10+ jobs and a rating of 4.90 or higher in one of the six job categories. For example, if you complete 10 Administrative jobs with a rating of 4.90 or higher, you will earn a bronze “Administrative” badge.
  • Silver: 25+ jobs and a rating of 4.90 or higher in one of the four job categories.
  • Gold: 100+ jobs and a rating of 4.90 or higher in one of the four job categories.

And now the best part! BONUSES! 

Bronze: $20 recognition reward.

Silver: $50 recognition reward and a Wonolo t-shirt. The t-shirt will only be sent when you receive your first silver badge, but you will receive a $50 recognition reward for each subsequent silver badge category that you earn.

Gold: $100 recognition reward + an additional 3% payment on all future jobs in the category for which you received the badge. If you are already a Wonolo Ambassador, and you receive a gold badge in one of the job categories, your bonus will go up to 8% for jobs performed in the job category for which you have earned a gold badge.


Please Note: All rewards will be shipped out the first week after the month in which you received the badge (ie if you received a badge on Sept. 20, your reward will be shipped the first week of October).


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