What is the "Preferred Wonoloer" feature?

"Preferred Wonoloers" feature available on the Requestor web interface. "Preferred Wonoloers" is a feature that enables you to select one or more specific Wonoloers who will gain access to your job posting an hour before others. This greatly increases the likelihood that your favorite Wonoloers accept your job, but also makes sure that if they can't accept it, another great Wonoloer will be able to come work for you. 

How it works:

At the bottom of the Job Posting page, you will see a button labeled "Preferred Wonoloers". When you click this button, you will arrive at a page that will list every Wonoloer who has worked for you in the past. Simply click on the name of any Wonoloer you would like to add to your list. You can add as many Wonoloers as you'd like. Then click "Post Job", and the notifications will be sent.

Adding a Team of Wonoloers:

Another time saving option you have is to create "Teams" of Wonoloers within your account. This allows you to group your Wonoloers into different teams so you can easily invite them to specific jobs in the future. For example, if you have 5 Wonoloers who really shined at administrative jobs, you can add these 5 Wonoloers to the "Admin Team" and then anytime you create a new Admin job, you can simply add this team instead of having to search through all Wonoloers to find those 5.

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