Refer your Friends - get $25!

Get one of your friends to pick up a job on Wonolo and you will BOTH earn $25!
The Wonolo community is strongest when we stick together and help each other out. Tell your friends about your experience with Wonolo, share some of your best work experience on the platform and encourage them to pick up their own job.
It's easy to do!
  1.  Give your friend your referral code. Your personalized code can be found in the “Free Money” tab on your Wonolo app.
  2. After they complete their job with a 5 Star rating, you both earn $25
  3. Repeat this process as many times as you want! There are NO limits to how many friends you can invite!!! 
Cool points to share:
  • Wonoloers can make over $100 a day
  • Wonolo offers over 500 jobs a day across the US
  • The more jobs you complete, the more jobs you can see
  • Get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Badge in a category and get bonuses
  • Share this video with friends to show them how Wonolo Can Change Their Lives!

Contact Wonoloer Support for more info.

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