A Wonoloer wasn't a fit for my job. Can I block him/her from my future job notifications?

Yes! You can block a Wonoloer if they are not a fit and they will no longer see your posted jobs. When you block a Wonoloer, you will be prompted with options as to why you are choosing to block them. Please be sure to complete this so we can continue to improve the platform for you.

Blocking a Wonoloer prohibits a Wonoloer from seeing any jobs posted from a specific Requestor’s account.

If you have multiple Requestor accounts, the Wonoloer would need to be blocked by each Requestor to be blocked company wide. The Wonoloer can still see other jobs from different companies.

Does this affect the Wonoloer's rating?

Blocking a Wonoloer does not affect their overall rating or immediate rating.

How do I block a Wonoloer?

1. On the customer portal, select 'Workforce' on the left panel

2. Click on Workers

3. Hover over the name of the worker you wish to block, you will see the option appear to the right of the workers name

4. Select 'Block' and choose an option as to why you are blocking them


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