What Does it Mean to Have Instant Payment?

Wonolo is proud to introduce Instant Payment!

As a perk of being a Gold Badge Wonoloer, we’re offering Instant Payment at no cost to you.

When a job is approved, your payment will begin to process, so should be available in your account after 9PM PST. Payments may appear in an hour or two but may take longer depending on your bank.

To receive your funds, your payment method must be linked to a debit card.

**Prepaid debit cards are not accepted.

If you don’t have a debit card linked to your payment method, log in to your app and tap on 'Pay' Tab. Then, follow the prompts to enter your Debit card information.

**Please double check that your info was entered correctly. If not, this will cause delays in payment.



After your information has been entered successfully, you will begin receiving Instant Payments after the next job you work. Instant Pay does not apply to work completed before entry of debit card information.

If you don’t see your deposit, these are the most common reasons:

* Your job has not been approved yet (please do NOT ask Requestor to approve your job).

* Payment was approved after 9 PM PST.  If so, it will be available after 9 PM PST the next day. 

* Your debit card or account info isn’t current or valid. Double check the information you entered.

* Your bank is still processing the transaction. Some banks take more time to process deposits, like if your bank doesn't process payments on weekends or holidays.

* Your account or card is cancelled.

After troubleshooting, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.


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