What does 'Processed' in the 'Pay' Tab Mean?

When you complete a job, you can track what stage your payment is in by checking the 'Pay' tab in the app. Below are the stages and what they mean for you:

  1. Completed - this means you've completed the job and the Requestor is in the process of approving your job.
  2. Approved - this shows that the Requestor has successfully approved your job. 
  3. Processing - means that we have initiated the pay transfer to the payment method you have on file. 
  4. Processed - this means that your earnings were successfully sent to your payment method.

Important things to note:

  • Approved vs. Completed - the payment process is initiated when your job has been approved by the Requestor and not when you complete a job.
  • Payment process - from the time your job is approved, it may take 3-5 business days for your earnings to reflect on your account.
  • ACH timing - The duration it takes for your earning to reflect on your account depends on your bank's ACH timing. Weekends and holidays are not business days.


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