Premium Features

The following features are available for $100 a month and can be turned on and off at any time, but are not pro-rated.

- Preferred Wonoloers: Invite back your favorite Wonoloers for any job

- Reserve the same Wonoloer for multiple days

- Access usage reports gaining insights into 

- Build custom / strategic teams

Usage Reports

With the Usage tool, you can filter the jobs your company has posted on Wonolo using numerous criteria, including payments, the category of job, posting Requestor, location and date ranges. This will allow you to get better insights into how you and your team are utilizing the Wonolo platform.



Preferred Wonoloers

By using Preferred Wonoloers, you are able to select your best workers and give them priority access to your jobs. You can invite one Wonoloer or a team of Preferred Wonoloers and they will have 1-hour priority access to select your job before anyone else.

Same Workers for a Multi-Day Job

When posting a Multi-Day Job, use this feature to make sure that any Wonoloer who accepts this job is accepting each day of the assignment. That way you won’t have to train someone new each day and can build your familiarity and relationship with the same Wonoloer(s).

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