Multi Day Jobs-Approve and Rate Multiple Wonoloers


Thanks to Requestor feedback, we've enhanced the Multi Day Job features!

We've added the ability for you to rate multiple Wonoloers at once which makes it much easier to manage Wonoloers within Multi Day Jobs (MDJs).

For any job with five or more Wonoloers, you now have the ability to adjust pay, rate and approve them all at once.

When five Wonoloers press Complete within the same Job, the Bulk Rate icon will appear in the header of the Job Request (red box).

When clicking the icon a popup box will appear, showing each Wonoloer that has completed their shift and needs to be rated. By default all Wonoloers are rated a 5 and the original pay is displayed. You may deselect any Wonoloers, adjust their pay and/or change their ratings.

In the example below, Colin and Zoe worked 30 minutes extra, so their Final Pay has been increased by $10. Each Wonoloer’s rating has been kept at five stars with the exception of Katelyn who was adjusted to four stars.

Click “Approve all checked jobs” and you’re done!


We've also updated MDJs to allow for more control when editing your Wonoloers.

When cancelling a Wonoloer you now have the option to:

  • Keep their slot closed so other Wonoloers cannot accept it
  • Cancel them from other days within the same MDJ at the same time
  • Keep them assigned to the other days of the MDJ, even if the MDJ requires the same workers everyday
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